Treatment of children

Children usually respond very well and quickly to homeopathic treatment because they don’t have such a long history of illnesses and treatments and they have a very strong vital force to overcome things easily. Homeopathy often does an excellent job in acute or chronic illnesses of . Same with problems in development or difficult mental phases. For example in tendency to infections, allergies, developmental disorders, breastfeeding problems, difficult nursing, school problems or difficulties during puberty, to name just a few. Homeopathic remedies can support children in all phases. Homeopathy can also help very well in acute illnesses or emergencies. Most children like to come to the homeopathic appointments and love their “magic little balls”.

Casetaking with children

For smaller children I offer casetaking in two parts on request. One part in which the child is with you in the praxis and I can see and experience it with its nature and its behavior and it may also tell itself what her or his problems are, what they like to eat, what they read. The other part takes place without the child. Firstly that the child’s patience is not overused, and on the other hand, it gives parents a free space to talk freely about the child’s behavior or family issues in the background.