About me

Born 1969, I live in Berlin since 1986. After high school I traveled for some time and also lived in southern Africa for a while. I studied graphic arts, but soon discovered that I did not want to work behind the computer screen but rather with people.

Grown up in a naturopathic oriented family, I remembered these roots and in 1996 I began my training as a naturopath. In classical homeopathy I have found my passion and vocation. Since 2003 I work in my homeopathic praxis in the “Graefekiez” Kreuzberg/Berlin.

I would be pleased to welcome you in my practice. You are welcome to make a short appointment for free (app. 15 min) for further information around my treatments and to get to know me in person.


From 1996 – 1999 I was teached homeopathy at Heilpraktikschule Hasenheide in Berlin. In 2003 I opened ma practice in Kreuzberg and since 2007 I am certified as a classical homeopath. The SHZ certificat guarantees a founded basic and regular further educations. You can find more informations here:



2011 I also started working as a teacher for classical homeopathy at various schools for naturopathy in Berlin. I teach theoretical topics of homeopathy and the different remedies. If you are interested to learn homeopathy yourself, you are welcome to contact me.

Homeopathy for Refugees

As part of a homeopathic refugee project, I treat voluntarily refugee children and adults, as far as I have capacity. In addition, a broad homeopathic network is available in Berlin. If you are personally affected or know people with needs, you are welcome to contact me. The project “Homeopathy for refugees in Germany” is a project of HOG (homeopaths without borders) and HIA (homeopathy in action). More information can be found here: