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Intestinal health

Intestinal health as a social issue

Almost no other topic has attracted as much attention in recent years as intestinal health. New insights are constantly being gained into our various intestinal bacteria (the microbiome) and the importance that the complex intestinal organ system has on our physical and mental well-being. The jungle of foods and preparations that are supposed to be good for the gut is growing almost as fast. But not everything is equally good for everyone

Well aimed treatment is requiered

I will take a detailed intestinal history with you and recommend a renowned laboratory for a stool analysis. This is important so that a targeted treatment can take place. Based on your complaints and the laboratory findings, I will develop a concept for problem treatment and subsequent intestinal reconstruction for you.

Finding a concept together

The treasure chest that I can access contains – depending on the current situation – medicinal plants, homeopathic medicines and (intestinal) nosodes, recommendations of specially suitable pre- and probiotics, etc. A treatment concept always refers to a period of 3 months. Sooner or later, it is also worth taking a look at your eating habits, because your intestines need to be nurtured and cared for. I invite you to become your gut’s best friend!