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Almost every person experiences more or less severe psychic violations in life. At best, we can go trough a mental process and integrate them into life. But sometimes a sore wound remains, e.g. in the form of painful feelings or as deeply internalized negative beliefs that hinder us from looking ahead positively.

Homeopathic treatment of mental violations

Homeopathic remedies can work deeply in the psychological and emotional area. In many years of practice, homeopathic treatment of trauma is one of my main focuses and I am always grateful, when traumatized people can integrate their trauma better and find relief through the treatment.

Complementary to psychotherapy

In some cases, homeopathic treatment as a single treatment method can often be sufficient. But iff the traumatization is very severe, I always recommend psychotherapy or trauma therapy in addition. The methods go hand in hand and can complement each other perfectly. Many patients have already done one or more psychotherapies, which is also very helpful in most cases. But sometimes there remains a state in which you know and recognize everything exactly mentally, but the unpleasant feelings nonetheless appear in a stressful way. Right there, homeopathy can be a great addition to psychotherapy. The homeopathic remedies often help to solve something on the emotional level. For example, the emotional pain or feeling of abandonment is slowly becoming less, the anger subsides or the world appears again in a brighter light. By the way, the severeness of a trauma is always subjective. What some people can handle almost without difficulties can be a very big hurdle for others or bring old emotional issues back to life. Do not hesitate to contact me.