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Classical homeopathy

As a holistic practitioner I relate to your physical ailments as well as your psychological and emotional topics.


An excellent supplement to the homeopathic treatment: Herbal teas or tinctures strengthen your organs

Contact & Directions

You find my practice in the beautiful Graefekiez / Berlin-Kreuzberg


About me - Frauke Hopf

It is the holistic view in classical homeopathy that has touched me deeply from the beginning. It has become an inner attitude and still motivates and inspires me after all these years of practice. Every person has individual characteristics, themes, experiences, patterns and burdens, which sometimes lead to mental or physical complaints. I see it as a gift, that patients share their story with me and even more if the treatment gives relief.

2003 I opened my practice as a naturopath for classical homeopathy in Berlin Kreuzberg. 2007 I was certified by the SHZ (Foundation Homeopathy Certificate).

Welcome to my website. I hope I can answer many questions here.

Special focus

Psychological Trauma

Homeopathic remedies also have a profound effect on the psychic and emotional level and can give relief.


For gynecological and hormonal complaints, homeopathic treatment often has regulating effects. Bladder infections are also treatable.

Intetinal health

There is a whole treasure trove of homeopathic and naturopathic options for intestinal treatment. Well aimed treatment is required.


Children often react very quickly and well to a homeopathic treatment, because their vital force is still very strong. A good start into life.

Homeopathy at a glance


The first appointment takes app 2,5 hours. Your physical complaints matter as well as your stress factors and emotional issues to find the right homeopathic remedy for you.

Treatable complaints

Many complaints often respond well to homeopathic treatment. If you do not find your complaint in this list, you are welcome to contact me.


Ewald Stöteler

The homeopath Ewald Stöteler goes back to the roots of Hahnemann’s classical homeopathy.He expanded it with current knowledge and experience and developed a new treatment concept.

Household remedies

Following household remedies you can use in addition to homeopathic treatment without disturbing the effect of your homeopathic remedies


Contact me


Just call or email me if you you wish to make an appointment or if you have any questions.  If I cannot answer the phone,
I’ll call you back if you leave me your number.

It is also possible to arrange a short consultation at my practice to meet me in person or in a videocall (free of charge).





+49 30 - 61 20 99 21

Heilpraxis Frauke Hopf 
Graefestraße 3
10967 Berlin / Germany