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Frauke Hopf
Heilpraktikerin (Alternative practitioner / Naturopath)
Classical homeopathy
Graefestraße 3
D – 10967 Berlin Kreuzberg
Telephone: 030-61 20 99 21

Legal title: Heilpraktiker (Naturopath)
awarded in the Federal Republic of Germany
Responsible supervisory authority: Health Department Berlin Gesundheitsamt Friedrichshain Kreuzberg
Urbanstraße 24, 10967 Berlin,

Professional regulations: Gesetz über die berufsmäßige Ausübung der Heilkunde ohne ärztliche Bestallung (Heilpraktikergesetz) und Durchführungsverordnung:
can be read at

Certified by SHZ (Foundation Homeopathy Certificate), member no. 387
Quality assurance of classically homeopathic practitioners.
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Professional liability: Continentale, Ruhrallee 92, 44139 Dortmund
Vers-Nr: 149265120, Scope: Federal Republic of Germany

Editorial responsibility: Frauke Hopf
I can not guarantee the completeness or correctness of the information on this website. I also point out that the information on the website can not be used to detect diseases or conditions or to treat them properly. Please contact a doctor or a naturopath (Heilpraktiker).
I point out that classical homeopathy is not recognized by conventional medicine and has not been scientifically proven. It is a so-called “experience healing”. All recommendations on this website are based on experience and I take no responsibility for the success, as well as I take no responsibility for any failure.

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