Treatable complaints

What can be treated with homeopathy?

For homeopathic treatment the very individual, special complaints in the context of your personal history is more important, than the clinical name of a disease. Still there are examples of diseases, that often respond well to homeopathic treatment *. If you do not find your complaint in this list, you are very welcome to call me, to inform and advise you personally.

Mental or emotional problems

Psychological complaints in adults or children, e.g. depressive moods, grief, restlessness, anxiety, restlessness, learning problems, difficulty concentrating, obsessive thoughts and compulsive actions, sleep disorders, unprocessed trauma, aggression, ADD / ADHD, school problems in children, and much more.

Physical complaints

Baby and lactation: problems with breastfeeding, difficult teething, bloating, growing pains, developmental disorders and others
Skin, nails and hair: rashes, eczema, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, urticaria, acne, fissures, rhagades, hair loss, dandruff, nail bed inflammation, excessive sweating (hyperhydrosis) and others
Pain: headache, migraine, muscle pain, joint pain, abdominal pain, menstrual pain and others
Ear/Nose/Throat: Acute or chronic sinusitis (rhinitis), runny nose, hay fever and other allergies, otitis (otitis media), sore throat (pharyngitis), tonsillitis (angina), laryngitis (laryngitis) and others
Respiratory system: acute and chronic cough, bronchitis, pseudo croup, asthma, allergic asthma and others
Cardiovascular system: heart stumbling, high blood pressure (hypertension), low blood pressure (hypotension), hot flashes and others
Gastrointestinal: indigestion, gastritis, bloating, flatulence, diarrhea, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis ucerosa, Crohn’s disease and others
Bladder: Acute and chronic cystitis, irritable bladder, nervous bladder, bladder atony and others
Gynecological: Dysmenorrhea, fibroids, cysts, PCO, fertility problems, sexual problems and others
Males: Phimosis, hypertrophy of the prostate, fertility problems, sexual problems and others
Hormonal complaints: changes such as puberty, pregnancy, lactation, menopause (climacteric) and others
Body: rheumatism, gout, joint pain and others
Accompanying treatment of serious diseases such as MS, cancer, side effects of radiation and chemotherapy, autoimmune diseases, after-treatment of borrelliosis and others

* For legal reasons, I point out that the effects of classic homeopathy have not been scientifically proven. It is an empirical medicine.