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Case Taking (anamnesis) adults, approx. 2-3 hours): 180,00 €
Case Taking (anamnesis) Children up to 2 years: 130,00 €
Case Taking (anamnesis) Children up to 12 years: 150,00 €
Follow Ups, approx. 1 hour: 75,00 €
Counseling for acute diseases: depending on time and effort: 75,00 € / hour
Telephone counseling: depending on time and effort: 75,00 € / hour
Surcharge on treatments with Ewald Stöteler Method: 5,00 €
Surcharge for the compilation of a medicinal tea or a tincture mixture (recipe): 10,00 €
Surcharge for preparation of a intestinal health concept: 30,00 €

Intestinal health therapy

Intestinal anamnesis as sole service (approx. 1 hour) and preparation of treatment concept: € 100.00

Follow-up treatments: 75,00 € /hour


Private health insurances or special insurances pay for naturopaths in different amounts, depending on your contract.
If in doubt, you should contact your insurance company before treatment.

Statutory health insurances don’t pay the treatment of a naturopath.

Reduced fees

Reduced fees are possible under certain conditions. You are welcome to ask me.