Ewald Stöteler method

New method

The homeopath Ewald Stöteler (Netherlands) has extensively studied the writings of Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy and translated them into Dutch. Based on Hahnemann Ewald Stöteler developed his own method, which has already been very successful in the Netherlands. The method is also becoming more and more popular in Germany. He has been teaching the so-called “Stöteler method” in Berlin since 2016, and I have been at his lessons from the very beginning and I use the method in some cases in my own practice with very good results.

Comprehensive concept

According to method three remedies are given daily. All three homeopathic remedies are selected individually according to your symptoms and your previous medical and personal history. The first remedy is meant to stimulate and strengthen the organism. The second remedy relates to your dispositions and illnesses in the family-history. The third one takes your current complaints into account. This results in a comprehensive and individual treatment that has proven itself very well in chronic diseases with roots in the family history.