Household remedies

The houshold remedies listed below do not interfere with homeopathic remedies and may also be used as a support during my treatment. They do not replace medical treatment, if you have severe complaints or your symptoms are persistent! *


Many people know the annoying and sometimes violent reactions to pollen, animal hair or house dust mites, mold and the like. A constitutional treatment can often provide relief or even healing. Support: Magnesium-rich foods (reduce histamine production) e.g. Lettuce, cucumber, bell pepper, pumpernickel, currants Vitamin C – rich foods (bind excess histamine) e.g. Citrus, kiwi, peppers Possibly. do a “colon cleansing” with Probiotica (pharmacy)


Conjunctivitis can be associated with a cold, but can also occur in isolation. Since it can be contagious, you should pay attention to the utmost hygiene (hands, towels, door handles etc.)! Recommendations: Washings or compresses with thin infusion of Euphrasia officinalis or black tea (lukewarm, 10-15 min), Euphrasia eye drops ore Calendula eyedrops (pharmacy), Breast milk can also be dropped in the eyes of infants after it has been washed out with boiled, lukewarm water


In any case, the cause of the toothache must be clarified by a doctor. Clove oil has a soothing effect, dripped onto the affected tooth (not in open wounds)

Cold – Right at the beginning

If you have a cold, it is best to take a hot bath with the feet (if possible with 2 tablespoons of mustard powder), put on wool socks after that and go to bed to sweat the cold out. Sweating can be supported with tea infusions of limetree blossom and elder tea. Vitamin C is important at this time, as the body uses more vitamin C when it is infected. Eat fruits or drink good juices. There’s also natural Vitamic C-tablets for example from Acerola cherries.


Calf compresses with lukewarm water. Dip a towel in lukewarm water, wring it out and wrap it around the calves. Wrap a dry cloth around it and replace it after max 15 minutes. You should only make calf compressions if it is perceived as pleasant and the feet are warm! Fever slows digestion, so only light food should be consumed if necessary. Sufficient hydration is important!

Runny nose / Sinusitis

Recommendations: Seawater nasal spray keeps the nose free and thus the ventilation of the ears (if this does not help, conventional nasal drops are also okay for a short term ( I always recommend preparations for babies or infants, they are also effective for adults!), Inhale (salt-) water, Oils based on sesame care for the nasal mucosa, Breast milk can be dripped into the nose of infants, Flaxseed packet: pour boiling water over flaxseed, wrap it in a cotton cloth and place it as warm as possible on the frontal sinuses, Primerose preparations help with sinusitis (pharmacy), In heated rooms, hang damp cloths in the room so that the nasal mucous membranes are not additionally strained by dry air

Ear infection

It is not to be trifled with an inflamed ear, as it can quickly develop into a very painful otitis media. At the beginning: “Onion pack” (cut 1 small onion into small cubes, fill into a cotton bag, worm between 2 lids, put on the ear for 15-30 minutes) Nose drops (Seawater nasal spray or mild conventional nasal drops with low doses) keep the nose and thus the ventilation of the ear free.

Sore throat

Gargling with sage tea infusions disinfects the throat. Drops with sage, salvia or Emsersalz menthol free moisten the mucous membranes, Wrap in the neck with curd or slices of lemon if it is pleasant to cool the throat, If warming feels better, rub the throat with Archangelika ointment or make a wrap with warm potatoes (crush boiled potatoes luke-warm, wrap in a cloth around the neck until the wrap has cooled down). If the tonsils are affected you should visit a doctor and make sure it’s not an infection with streptococcus


Recommendation: Cough teas or juices: Ready-to-use herbal teas from the pharmacy, Thyme infusions (against inflammation and antiseptic), Honey with onions: crush onions, leave to soak for 1-2 hours in honey and take a teaspoon 3-5 times a day, Inhale – with thyme tea (antiseptic) – with chamomile tea (soothing mucous membrane), make a wrap on the chest with potatoes or curd cheese (Crush boiled potatoes luke warm) or – if cold seems more comfortable – wrap cold curd cheese in a cotton cloth, put it on the chest and wrap it with a woolen cloth or scarf, put on as long as it feels good for you.

Eczema / neurodermatitis

Chronic skin problems like Psoriasis or neurodermatitis should always be treated with constitutional homeopathy. Additional nourishing and soothing for the skin are: “Samthaut-Salbe” (made by the Ziethen pharmacy – see links), “Mandelcreme” (Weleda), Primrose-oil-products internally


Flatulence usually results from gas development during digestion. This can be caused by food or by a disturbed intestinal flora or insufficiently formed digestive juices. The Recommendation: Eat slow and chew long (digestion begins in the mouth), Take a walk, Drink fennel, anise or caraway tea, or rub the oils on your belly

Vomiting and diarrhea

When the stomach and intestines rebel, it’s always a signal, that the body cannot tolerate something and wants to get rid of it. It can be too much food or rotten food. Gastrointestinal infections can of course also be bacterial or viral. Recommendations: Drink a lot of spring water (maybe with electrolytes from the pharmacy if you lost a lot of liquid), There is a much higher risk of dehydration in young children. You should see a doctor, if diarrhea or vomiting doesen’t stop.
Do not eat solid food or, if necessary, only pureed carrot soup or grated apple. Then build up with rice, rusks and mashed bananas. Also useful: “Heilerde” (drugstore) or Charcoal Tablets (pharmacy) bind toxins in the intestine and can stop diarrhea, Ginger tea infusions can relieve nausea.


Hemorrhoids are caused by lack of exercise, obesity and constipation. They often arise during pregnancy. They are harmless, but can be very painful. Recommendations: Adequate exercise, Food with lots of fiber, Hamamelis suppositories and / or ointment

Cystitis (bladder infection)

The most common cause of cystitis is bacteria that rise into the urethra. Most often women are affected because their urethra is much shorter than that of men. You should pay attention to careful hygiene. If there is blood in the urine or back pain, you should definitely visit a doctor. The kidneys could be affected. If you have recurring bladder infections I would recommend constitutional homeopathic treatment. Recommendations: Solidago virgaurea or Orthosiphon tea infusions, 2-3 cups daily, Cranberry juice (also available as apowder), Cider vinegar, 2 times a day 2 tablespoons in 1 glass of water, generally drink a lot and keep feet and kidneys warm


Many women know menstrual cramps. If you have strong pain every time, I recommend constitutional homeopathic therapy. Recommendations: Take a warm relaxing bath with lavender or other relaxing herbs, Herbal infusions of Lady’s mantle, silverweed or yarrow 3 -5 times a day 1 cup, Dissolve 10 tablets of the Schüssler salt No.7 (Magnesium phosphoricum) D6 in warm water and drink it in sips.

Prostate hypertophy

You can find herbal products in the pharmacy made of Sabal serrulata, stinging nettle or pumpkin seeds or combinations of those. You can also eat pumpkin seeds


Vaginitis can have a variety of causes. Most of them are invaded bacteria, viruses or fungi. Start treatment straight away, otherwise the inflammation may increase to the uterus. Support your natural defense with a healthy diet. Also helpful: Vaginal suppository with physiological bacteria (pharmacy), Ziethen pharmacy also produce special vaginal suppositories (see links), Rinse with calendula tincture (1 tablespoon on ½ litre of water), Use mild, non-irritating washing lotions

Vaginal Candida

You should eat a balanced diet and avoid sugar, as candida needs it to grow. Recommendation: Vaginal suppository with physiological bacteria (pharmacy), Ziethen pharmacy also produce special vaginal suppositories (see links), Insert neutral yogurt (with your finger or a tampon) Optionally add a few drops of tea tree oil to the natural yogurt, which has a fungicidal effect