Fertility treatment

Unfulfilled wish to have children

In some cases, it is organic or functional problems that hinder a pregnancy. In other cases, everything is completely unremarkable physically on both sides, but it still doesn’t “work”. In both cases, homeopathy has quite often been able to help . Suitable homeopathic remedies can help to regulate the cycle, ovulation can be stimulated or the ovum or sperm quality can be improved. With the treatment the uterus may be strengthened, so the tendency to miscarriages can be reduced. On the emotional level, homeopathic remedies can help to reduce internal stress and promote relaxation, which often makes a significant contribution for conceiving a child.

My offer of treatment

I offer the conventional homeopathic anamnesis, in which there is enough time to find out, where a blockage could possibly be. I have access to different methods, to find the possibly best concept of treatment for you. There is different homeopathic methods as well as herbs and natural products. You can do this natural treatment as a single method, but also in addition to conventional fertility treatment. We also consider together whether it is sufficient that only one of you is treated, or whether it makes sense that both partners should start a treatment. You are welcome to make a short appointment for free to get to know me.